Your Relationship With Us

Quality Service

You can expect to get quality service from us. Acting in your interest is paramount to us. We understand that servicing you to your satisfaction is a key way of growing our practice, so you can expect this as our first commitment to you. We also understand that wealthy individuals or businesses display a financial maturity by recognizing that the goals of investing are preservation of capital, and investment returns, in line with reasonable risk and reward opportunities.

So for these individuals we offer a disciplined approach:

From broad-based retirement and estate planning, to specific investment strategies, we believe that discipline in process is essential. From the beginning of your relationship with us, you will experience thoroughness and professionalism. Included in our process is an extensive review of your current long-term planning objectives and strategies. We will evaluate your current financial position, including assets, income, and tax exposure. We will assess your attitudes and aptitudes as they relate to investment and estate planning. These key factors will be reviewed and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the most effective estate planning tools are employed, and optimal asset allocation is utilized in diversifying your investment portfolio.

Investment Options

Every week we read and research issues related to portfolio investing to find tactics and specific investment vehicles that allow us to achieve investment goals with the greatest efficiency and probability of success. While we actively consider conventional strategies surrounding bonds, preferred shares, convertible debentures, stocks and mutual funds, we also employ Exchange Traded funds, Closed Ended Mutual Funds, Income Trusts, and various option strategies, as well as individual money managers with high alpha ratings (ability to outperform the respective benchmark index).

Part of our review process will result in investment portfolios that could be structured and administered in one of two separate ways:

  2. We recognize that your investment requirements are unique to you, therefore, your investment portfolio should reflect this. Generally, however, many investors can invest in a specific model portfolio that meets their appropriate risk and reward profile. We maintain various select model portfolios, and with your approval (non-discretionary basis) oversee them on behalf of you. Your portfolio would likely fall into one of these models, but could, however, be further adjusted to suit your specific needs. Currently we have five defined models:

    • Conservative – Requires Income
    • Conservative – Requires Little or no Income
    • Balanced – Partly Conservative with Growth
    • Growth – all Canadian
    • Growth – partly Canadian with International Exposure

  4. These programs are designed to preserve capital through broad diversification, automatic portfolio rebalancing, and investing in an array of low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other appropriate securities.

Portfolio recommendations are derived from our view of the markets. This view and our view on global economics are based on various sources of research made available to us. We adjust our model portfolios based on the respective forecasts and strategies from these research sources combined with our own personal understanding of market action. Our model portfolios are generally updated quarterly or semi-annually; our clients' portfolios are reviewed semi-annually and altered with the clients' agreement should events dictate an immediate change.

Additionally, our expertise extends into tax and estate planning through the use of a broad range of tax and insurance based vehicles, either provided by us, or referred to our insurance licensed associates. Our objective, in the end, is to achieve a target rate of return with the least amount of risk, with the lowest execution costs.

Our Relationship Cycle

Health, happiness, and your financial status are the most important things in your life. Seeing your children succeed in life may also be just as important. Although a relationship with us may indirectly impact your health and happiness, you can expect us to have a definite impact on your financial situation. We can work with you to provide you better peace of mind. Our process ensures this. A brief overview of the cyclical nature of our relationship is highlighted below. When adhered to, it's like a wheel of wealth that grows in size as it rolls along.


Benefits of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. is a full service securities firm, and a subsidiary of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IA) which was founded in 1892. IA manages and administers over $70 billion in assets and is listed on the TSX with a ticker symbol of IAG. IA is one of the 100 largest public companies in Canada. Industrial Alliance Securities provides all the necessary resources to complement our successful business practice. Click here to connect to their web site.